Williams International is a mid-market, privately-owned company that has grown from its high-technology research and development roots to become a world-class producer of small gas turbine engines.

We are unique in the aerospace industry because we are privately-owned and our team members possess an exceptional level of technical experience, talent and innovation. In becoming an industry leader, we have developed core competencies in:

  • Design, development, certification, production and aftermarket support of the innovative, efficient, reliable, small gas turbine engines

  • Highly advanced and automated manufacturing processes that result in the production of high quality engines at a low cost

  • Effective management systems to successfully manage large complex programs

  • Strategic use of information technology to improve the operation of the company and support to our customers

We owe our success to our people, our culture, and our leadership. Reflecting our heritage in research and development, our team is highly educated: 60% have post high school education; 40% hold four-year or advanced degrees; and 10% have a post-graduate degree.

Our team shares a common vision of the future and a belief that we have a better way of doing things. Our growth has occurred internally, not through acquisition. While we recruit some experienced individuals to provide unique technical skills, our goal is to hire new team members at the entry level, develop and promote from within. We reinforce this goal through internal leadership and skills development programs for all team members including our own, online, WI University.

Senior leadership of the company is deeply committed to excellence and continuous improvement in every aspect of our business operations. These commitments include:

  • Stressing integrity in all dealings with customers, suppliers, the community, and each other

  • Continuing significant investments in capital and internal research and development

    • Measured as a percent of sales, our investment in capital expenditures is three times the average in the aerospace industry, and our internal research and development investment is double that of our competitors

  • Using empowered teams to play a critical role in achieving our goals and the continuous improvement we have come to expect

  • Building "Green" engines using "Green" manufacturing processes

Finally, our commitment to excellence can be seen in our People Development Strategy to:

  1. Hire, develop and retain the best and brightest team members

  2. Provide a clean and safe work environment conducive to high performance

  3. Communicate clear goals and expectations to all team members

  4. Ensure all team members have the basic skills needed to perform their job, and partner with team members for continuous personal development

  5. Reward team members for team and personal results and innovation

  6. Use the skills, knowledge, and ability of all team members to achieve continuous improvement

  7. Reward team members with competitive base salaries and benefits, annual results-based incentive awards based on company performance, rapid promotions based on individual contributions and talents, and the opportunity to really make a difference

  8. Ensure team members enjoy their job and have fun at work

Our culture may not be for everyone. Performance is highly visible and rewarded with the opportunity for responsibility and advancement. Our schedules, budgets, and technical goals are always challenging, but we expect excellence and continuous improvement and we achieve it!

Bruce Crew
Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer