From the manufacturer of the best turbofan engines in the business comes an engine support program better than all others:  TAP Blue.

Williams International developed its Total Assurance Program (TAP) to provide our customers a comprehensive maintenance plan for their FJ44 engines that

·       saves money and preserves value,

·       simplifies ownership,

·       and eliminates unplanned financial risk.


Owners enrolled in TAP Blue save substantially compared to owners who choose commercial and self-funded maintenance.  TAP Blue allows accurate forecasts of operating costs, and avoids unbudgeted payments.  No surprises.


TAP Blue coverage goes beyond that offered in previous TAP plans. No one but Williams International, the manufacturer of FJ44 engines, can provide this level of coverage and peace of mind.


And according to VREF Aircraft Value Reference, airplanes with the Total Assurance Program coverage will be more valuable.


So if you want to save money and fly with Total Assurance, request information by selecting the “Ask A Question” link in the Product Support menu, or call 1 800 859-3544  [Outside the USA: 1 (248) 960-2929].