We at Williams International understand the value of cross-training our Engineers. While we may be smaller than many of our competitors, cross-functional assignments result in engineers who have well-rounded skills and expertise, which gives us the flexibility required to stay ahead of the competition. The Engineering Rotational Program allows recent graduates to enter our company and acquire these skills and knowledge.

Why spend your engineering career building one part of an engine? Engineers in the Rotation Program not only design the parts, they are fully immersed in the testing and ongoing maintenance.

New engineers will typically rotate through three departments over their first 18 months before settling into an area of specialization. Some of the rotations may include:

  • Mechanical Design, Modelling and Layout of Engine Systems
  • Structural & Thermal Component Evaluation
  • Aerodynamic Design & Performance Analysis
  • Thermodynamic Engine Cycle Modelling
  • Vibration and Rotordynamic Assessment & Test
  • Mechanical Component Rig Design & Test
  • Electrical and Electronics Design & Test
  • Control System Development
  • Software Development
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Engine Test & New Product Development
  • Failure Investigation and Engineer Support to Aftermarket

Upcoming Bachelor’s or Master’s graduates majoring in Engineering are encouraged to apply.  Click here to apply online.