It’s Bigger, It’s Better

Williams International sets a new standard in value with the introduction of the FJ44-4 turbofan engine. The 3600-pound class “Dash Four” offers more power, lower acquisition and operating cost, and same great reliability.

Using essentially the same proven core with a continued infusion of improved technology, this new dual-channel FADEC-equipped turbofan engine will provide significantly better value than existing engines in its target thrust class.

Engine Characteristics
Thrust Class.....3600 lbf
Length...............52.8 in
Diameter...........25.3 in
Weight (dry)......650 lb

Like the other members in the Williams family of fanjets, the 3600-lbf Williams International FJ44-4 is in a class by itself. To put the FJ44-4 into your plans, contact Matt Huff, VP, Business Development, at e-mail address:, or fax: 1 (248) 624-5345.