Its Success Has Become a Tradition

Ever since the reliable FJ44 family was launched with the FJ44-1 turbofan, we've been building on its technology and its tradition of success. The FJ44-3 was FAA certified in 2004. Performance for this engine is truly breathtaking! Thrust-to-weight ratio is increased dramatically over its predecessor. Efficiency improvement gives additional fuel savings. Truly a world class turbofan engine for FAR 23 and FAR 25 airplanes.

The unique fan and compressor sections of the FJ44-3 are a direct result of over 30 years experience with integrally bladed fans and compressors (blisks) used in various Williams International turbofan engines.

The FJ44-3 maintains the modest turbine temperatures of the FJ44-1 and FJ44-2 while retaining all of Williams International's unique low-cost turbofan technology, such as an uncooled, high-pressure turbine, an effusion-cooled combustor, and a high-work, two-stage LP turbine.

The truly remarkable combination of thrust, weight, and specific fuel rate at cruise makes the FJ44-3 the ideal choice when you seek better value.

Engine Characteristics
Thrust Class.....3000 lbf
Length...............48 in
Diameter..........23 in

Like the other members of the Williams family of fanjets, the 3000-lbf Williams International FJ44-3 is in aclass by itself. To put the FJ44-3 into your plans, contact Matt Huff, VP, Business Development, at e-mail address:, or fax at 1 (248) 624-5345.