New and Improved

The FJ44-1AP is an advanced performance version of the FJ44-1A that created the market for light jet aircraft of medium range that can take off from small airports formerly limited to slower turboprops. The new FJ44-1AP incorporates an all new, highly efficient, advanced fan as well as new component technologies from the FJ44-3A. The FJ44-1AP provides up to 2100 lbs of take-off thrust, a 12% increase in altitude thrust, and more than a 5% reduction in cruise specific fuel consumption, all at reduced operating temperatures compared to the previous 1900 pound thrust FJ44-1A model. Airplane operation has been improved by incorporating a dual-channel full-authority digital engine control (FADEC). The FJ44-1AP is a highly reliable engine that provides the low-cost power that has driven down the cost to buy and operate jet aircraft. Its excellent thrust-to-weight ratio and fuel efficiency, combined with its low acquisition and operating cost, make the FJ44-1AP a better choice than turboprops or more expensive, less fuel-efficient turbofans.

The FJ44-1AP was FAA-certified in 2005. A worldwide field support network ensures customer satisfaction. Williams’ Product Support has taken first place in Professional Pilot customer satisfaction polls six years in a row.

The FJ44-1AP fanjet is a highly reliable, robust engine designed for simplicity and ease of maintenance. The unique engine design allows hot section disassembly/reassembly and fan removal/replacement while installed on the aircraft. Multiple borescope ports make inspections easier, and LRUs are easily accessible.

The FJ44-1AP was designed using the USAF ENSIP requirements, and thousands of accelerated mission test cycles have been performed that demonstrate its durability and reliability. The FJ44-1AP is very environmentally friendly; it has very low emissions and is the quietest turbofan in production - less than half the perceived noise levels permitted by FAA Stage 3 limits.

Engine Characteristics
Thrust Class....1900 – 2100
Length..........41.4 in
Diameter........20.7 in
Weight..........460 lb

Like the other members of the Williams family of fanjets, the Williams International FJ44-1AP is in a class by itself. For more information, contact Matt Huff, VP, Business Development, at e-mail address:, or fax 1 (248) 624-5345.