Williams Introduces On-Wing Hot Section Inspections October 16th, 2006

On-wing maintenance reduces operator downtime, increases customer satisfaction

 Orlando, FL – 16 October 2006 - Earlier this year, Williams International began performing hot section inspections (check 3) on installed FJ44-1A engines.  This approach reduced downtime for FJ44-1A Operators, so Williams will be expanding this service in the future to other FJ44 engine models.

 “Although we continue to be voted Number One in customer support,” said Gregg Williams, president and CEO of Williams International, “we at Williams are always evaluating our processes for ways to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction. And our Product Support people came up with several this year.”

 “We began by reducing the turnaround time for engine hot section inspections in our repair station to an average of 5 days,” said Frank Smith, vice president of Product Support for Williams. “That’s fast enough for most customers, especially if they are having major airplane service done at the same time. But sometimes customers need engines turned faster, so we began sending rapid response teams into the field to perform hot sections on wing.”

This new service is already available for FJ44-1A engines at three Cessna Service Centers: Sacramento, CA; Wichita, KS, and Orlando, FL. This service will be expanded to Europe in 2007. The modular design of the FJ44 engine enables a pair of engines to be serviced on wing in as little as two shifts, making it practical for an operator to separately schedule engine maintenance and airplane maintenance if desired. Operators who have a hot section coming due and are interested in this option may contact one of these Service Centers or Williams International Product Support to schedule.

“Although we’ve always had a 24/7 hotline where customers can get answers to their questions,” added Smith, “we’ve also introduced another way for customers to ask us questions.” Williams recently activated a new Customer Help system that is accessible through the web. This system allows operators to ask questions, search for answers to resolved questions, and track the status of their inquiries. Operators can go directly to productsupport.custhelp.com and create an account, or they can reach the site via the Questions/Inquiries link on Williams’ regular Product Support web site. Operators may also e-mail questions and comments to WI Product Support at WIproductsupport@williams-int.com.