Williams International Receives FAA Certification of its new FJ44-4 Turbofan at higher thrust and lighter weight than originally planned February 2nd, 2010

Williams International announced today that it was awarded the FAA part 33 type certificate for its new FJ44-4 engine. Favorable results during engine development allowed Williams to raise the take-off thrust rating of the engine from 3400 to 3600 pounds (at sea level, ISA+11°C conditions) for the Cessna Citation CJ4. This higher level of performance, which applies throughout the flight envelope, contributed to the dramatic improvements in the Citation CJ4 recently announced by Cessna.

“I want to thank the FAA for their strong support in achieving this milestone,” said Gregg Williams, Chairman, President & CEO of Williams International. “I am also very proud of our team for certifying this new engine at higher thrust and lower weight than originally promised. This higher performance helps position Cessna’s new CJ4 to stimulate the recovering demand for light jets.”

The FJ44-4 engine is the latest and highest thrust version of the popular and successful Williams FJ44 product line. It incorporates several new technologies proven by extensive testing that enable higher thrust-to-weight and better fuel efficiency than competing engines. While Williams engines are already recognized for their ruggedness and reliability, the FJ44-4 engine incorporates durability improvements gleaned from over 5 million hours of operation of the nearly 4000 FJ44 engines in service. As a result, the FJ44-4 will not have to come off the airplane for any scheduled maintenance until it reaches its 5000-hour TBO.

FJ44-4 customers will also enjoy the benefits of the engine's health monitoring FADEC control. And due to Williams’ unique low-emissions combustor technology, Williams International is the only company to offer an entire product line that has not been subject to emissions surcharges (based on the Zurich model).

Williams International's world class product support network continues to rank first in annual surveys of owners and operators, due in part to Williams’ Total Assurance Program (TAP) that provides more value at lower cost than any competing engine maintenance program. FJ44-4 TAP coverage is now available as part of the Cessna Williams TAP Advantage aircraft maintenance program.

Williams International is the world leader in small turbine engines and customer support, with headquarters in Walled Lake, Michigan, and a production facility in Ogden, Utah. For more information about the company, its products, and support, please visit www.williams-int.com.