Williams International Introduces the Highest Level of Maintenance Coverage Ever TAP Blue October 21st, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada, NBAA BACE, Monday, 21 October 2013. Williams International is pleased to announce that it has bundled many new features together with an unprecedented level of coverage into a new engine maintenance program called TAP Blue.

Under TAP Blue, Williams International is dramatically expanding the coverage of its Total Assurance Program (TAP) to now include virtually every natural and unnatural event that might occur over the life of its family of FJ33 and FJ44 engines.

“Our engine operators tell us what they wish for in a maintenance program,” says Steve Shettler, Williams’ VP of Product Support, “and TAP Blue delivers. Besides the extraordinary coverage, TAP Blue features other enhancements such as express overhauls and free online maintenance manuals, just to name a couple.

In the past, the cost to repair engine damage caused by hail or birds or lightning or man-made objects accidentally ingested has been borne by the owner or the owner’s insurance company; now these costs are covered under the TAP Blue engine maintenance program. And while the cost to incorporate mandatory service bulletins has always been covered by TAP, now even optional bulletins are covered under TAP Blue.

According to Gregg Williams, Chairman, CEO, and President of Williams International, “TAP Blue is a logical extension of what we already do better than anyone else in our business, which is take good care of our customers. Judging by customer feedback and surveys, and our high enrollment rates, it is clear our customers really like our TAP program, so I challenged our Product Support team to make TAP even better. And now we have!

Incentives are offered until the end of this year to encourage existing customers to upgrade to TAP Blue, and to encourage new customers to enroll directly into TAP Blue. To enroll or to learn more about TAP Blue, please contact Williams’ Product Support Team at

web site           www.williams-int.com
email                WIproductsupport@williams-int.com

phone              1-800-859-3544 (continental US)
                       1-248-960-2929 (other)