Williams FJ44 chosen to modernize Citation II October 16th, 2006

Clifford Development has selected Williams FJ44-3 engines to improve the performance and reduce the operating cost of the Citation II

 Orlando, FL 16 October 2006 – Williams International has been selected to supply its FJ44-3 engine for Clifford Development’s supplemental type certification of the Citation II. This selection confirms the substantial retrofit opportunity made possible for the performance of the Williams FJ44-3.

 “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to add the remarkable Williams FJ44-3 engine to the versatile Citation II. This combines the best-in-class engine technology with a proven airframe yielding significant gains in performance, reliability and safety margins,” said Jim Clifford, chief executive officer of Clifford Development. “The FJ44-powered Citation II will fly 21% faster and 29% farther, climb 34% faster, and use 20% less fuel than the original airplane. For a Citation II operator whose airplane is near engine overhauls, the improvements in fuel efficiency and speed combined with reduced engine maintenance costs will allow for the recovery of this investment in two years of typical operation.”

 The FJ44-3 engine currently powers the Cessna CJ3 and Grob SPn, and the Citation II will be one of its first retrofit applications. “We felt sure that once a 3000-pound thrust FJ44 was certified and in production, the retrofit market would embrace it,” said Matt Huff, vice president of Business Development for Williams, “and that’s what we’re seeing. Cessna built more than 800 Citation IIs in the 1980s, and these excellent airframes are ideal candidates for modern, efficient, quiet turbofans to extend their operating lives.”

 FJ44 engines are renowned for their high performance and rugged reliability. They boast many advanced features pioneered by Williams and now being adopted by others in the small turbine industry such as blisks (integral blades and disks), effusion-cooled combustors, low parts count, and full authority digital engine controls (FADEC). They are also modular in design, allowing quick assembly, disassembly, and maintenance. Williams’ highly acclaimed Total Assurance Program will be offered for the FJ44-3 engines installed in the Citation II.