Williams FJ44-3AP Chosen to power new Piper Sport Utility Jet November 9th, 2006

Piper’s first entry into the jet market to be powered by the proven Williams FJ44 engine

Williams International has been selected as the engine supplier for Piper’s new sport utility jet that was recently revealed to the public. The FJ44-3AP is a very close derivative of the FJ44-3A engine that powers the Cessna CJ3 and Grob SPn, incorporating minor aerodynamic improvements to further boost fuel economy.

“The PiperJet is a revolutionary new aircraft combining performance, style, utility, capability and pricing,” said James K. Bass, President & CEO of Piper Aircraft. “In choosing the powerplant for the PiperJet, we were looking for that perfect blend of performance, safety and reliability, and the Williams FJ44-3AP will not only meet expectations, it will surpass them.” 

John Becker, Piper’s Vice President of Engineering, underscored that Piper wanted an engine with sufficient capability to provide stellar performance now and sufficient power for future applications.

“We looked hard at Williams’ lineup of proven FJ44 models,” he said. “Piper chose a 3000-pound thrust FJ44-3 model, de-rated for the PiperJet, because this engine gives us superb performance margins for the approximately 2,400 pounds of take-off thrust we have targeted for the PiperJet as well as a built-in growth path for the family of jets we envision.”

“We are very proud to be part of Piper’s team as they enter the jet market,” said Gregg Williams, president and CEO of Williams International. “Williams has been powering and promoting light jets for two decades, and I’m glad to say we’re now powering one for Piper. Every lesson we’ve learned in 2.5 million FJ44 flight hours has been applied to this engine, so Piper is assured of the performance and reliability we promise.”

“The FJ44-3AP is our most efficient engine yet,” said Matt Huff, vice president of Business Development for Williams, “and thanks to all our prior field experience, as well as reduced operating temperatures, it has a TBO of 4,000 hours.”

FJ44 engines are renowned for their high performance and rugged reliability. They boast many advanced features pioneered by Williams and now being adopted by others in the turbine industry such as blisks (integral blades and disks), effusion-cooled combustors, low parts count, and full authority digital engine controls (FADEC). They are also modular in design, allowing quick assembly, disassembly, and maintenance.

Williams International is the world leader in small turbine engines and customer support, with headquarters in Commerce Township, Michigan, and a design-to-production facility in Ogden, Utah. For more information about the company, its products, and support, please visit www.williams-int.com.