Miosha Recognizes Williams International for Improvements in Worker Safety August 27th, 2007

Contact: Phil La Duke, Director of Performance Improvement
Phone: 248-816-4442

Date: 8/27/2007

The Commerce Township aerospace products manufacturer receives recognition for its worker safety and health management system.

Commerce Township, MI, August 27, 2007. Williams International has worked hard to make its workplace safer and that hard work and determination is paying off. The Commerce Township, MI aerospace products manufacturer recently received a certificate of recognition from MIOSHA acknowledging Williams’ “proactive efforts to improve workplace safety.”

“While we’ve always had a very serious commitment to worker safety, we’ve really redoubled our efforts to make our facilities as safe as possible,” says Williams International CEO, Gregg Williams. “For the past year and a half, we’ve been working with O/E to implement SafetyIMPACT!; and, this unexpected recognition is really an acknowledgement of all the hard work by a lot of very dedicated individuals."

On April 18, 2007 Williams International and O/E co-presented at the Michigan Safety Conference in Grand Rapids. The group (Williams’ Vice Presidents, Cal Schalk and Dave Carr; Williams Safety Manager, Ron Gebhardt; and O/E Director of Performance Improvement, Phil La Duke) talked about their success in implementing SafetyIMPACT! at Williams International SafetyIMPACT! is a culture-based safety improvement system developed by O/E.

“SafetyIMPACT! really is the forefront of worker safety management systems,” said Rick Vlasic, O/E CEO. “We’re delighted that MIOSHA recognizes this, but we’re especially pleased that they recognized Williams for this accomplishment.”

According to a letter from program director, Douglas Kalinowski, this recognition is part of a MIOSHA program aimed at determining whether or not health and safety measures put in place are maintained.

Williams International
Williams International is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of small gas turbine engines. The privately owned company is headquartered in Commerce Township, Michigan.

A second facility, located in Ogden, Utah, is the most modern and efficient gas turbine
design-to-production facility in the world. Williams continues to expand its development, test, production, product support and customer service capabilities at both facilities. The result has been a steady well-planned growth since 1955 into a large, versatile organization.

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