Williams International is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of small gas turbine engines. The privately owned company is headquartered in Commerce Township, Michigan, where research and development (R&D) and repair and overhaul (R&O) also are based. A second facility, located in Ogden, Utah, is the most modern and efficient gas turbine design-to-production facility in the world.

Founded in 1955, Williams has expanded its development, test, production, and product support capabilities to create a large, versatile organization with the capacity to meet growth objectives in aviation, industrial and military markets. Williams is certified to ISO9000 and AS9100 standards. In our largest market—turbofan engines for general aviation—Williams has a product line covering every need from 1000 to 3600 pounds thrust.

The company culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of our business accounts for the success of each person and of the company. Williams International is privately owned, so the vision stays focused, communication is straightforward, decisions are made quickly, and efforts are concentrated efficiently. Resources are assigned when and where they are needed most, allowing the company to act quickly to lead its industry.