As a potential member of our team, you may want to know more about our company culture.

 Williams International is positioned for a very successful future, thanks to our commitment to quality and innovation in performance and customer service. Mere maintenance of our levels of excellence is not sufficient. We work hard at maintaining a culture that is not only change-friendly, but also change-hungry. Our future lies in the minds and hearts and hands of our own people. One of my key responsibilities as President is to ensure that the company culture at Williams International encourages free-flowing creativity and intellectual stimulation among our employees to the good of our customers. As impressive as the success of Williams International has been in the past, our future will far exceed our past successes as we continue to work together as a single team, focused on this mission. I want to thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our future. I look forward to welcoming you onto the Williams' team as the kind of talented person who can help us achieve our company's mission as we help you achieve your personal goals.

Gregg G. Williams, Chairman, President and CEO